How Does China Impact Emerging Market Investing?

Due to China's status as the largest economy in Asia, how much does the Chinese economy impact investing in the region? 

"You have to consider digital disruption with every investment you make. China does have some of the companies that are really at the forefront of that, especially Alibaba," Gary Greenberg, Hermes Global Emerging Markets Fund Manager, remarked. 

"Alibaba is expanding outside of China. So, in that sense, yes, there is that factor."

That factor is influence. He says that many companies in Asian markets have gone global, and it's a sign of an interconnected world. 

When asked about economic health in Asia and China's role, Greenberg mentions a ripple effect with neighboring countries like Korea and Taiwan. This means a stake in the resulting shock waves from Chinese decisions. 

While Greenberg does believe that China's economy will continuously slow, there is no cause for alarm. 

"China . . . [is] such a large economy that even slow growth for a $10 trillion economy is substantial."

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