Google Announces New Android Version for Low-End Devices, Emerging Markets

Google has announced a new version of Android called Android Go, optimized for less powerful hardware.

The mobile operating system has been made for devices that have 512 or 1GB of memory onboard and is based on Android O. Thereof, if a device has less than a gig of RAM, it will automatically get Android Go.

Moreover, the Play Store that comes with Android Go is customized in many ways. For instance, it highlights Android Go ready apps under a dedicated category once you launch it. Hence, you don’t have to go out on a hunt in finding tailor-made apps for your smartphone.

Applications made for Android Go will have data saving features built right in. Thus, the version of Chrome that ships with Android Go will have data and bandwidth saving features enabled out of the box. Users will also be able to stream away on YouTube without worrying about data or system performance. The Google apps suite will be optimized too.

Last but not the least, Google’s new OS will come with multilingual support out of the box. The first Android Go devices are expected to emerge on the market by the end of 2017.

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