Study reveals Nordic countries closer to Emerging Markets

A recent study by the Global Child Forum and the Boston Consulting Group revealed the Nordic region's companies were behind global competitors in regards to protecting children's rights.

The Nordic region scored 2.0 out of a maximum 9.0, closer to countries in Southern Africa and Southeast Asia than European counterparts.


Historically, Nordic countries have an exemplary reputation for protecting children's rights within their borders. Outside of the borders, however, is another issue as of late. Retailers such as Hennes & Mauritz AB have found child workers in their suppliers. Other companies, such as Stora Enso Oyj, have found child labor in suppliers in countries such as Pakistan.

“Leadership in this area begins when business understands how children interact in their value chain, include children’s rights in their code of conduct and ensure that the highest level of company management is accountable,” said Fiona Rotberg, research director at Global Child Forum and one of the authors of the report.

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