Trump isolationism worries emerging market investors

Since Donal Trump became the US President-elect, markets have responded to his "America First" vision of isolationism in both foreign and trade policy.

The US dollar and stocks have climbed while currencies and stocks in emerging markets have declined sharply.

The US shares are beating emerging markets by the most since October 2008 - the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Emerging markets, meanwhile, had only just returned to eight-month highs before the election with returns of more than 20 per cent. Since Election Day, declining currencies and rising yields have caused investors to lose 8 per cent.


This fast US growth will likely spur emerging market exports to aid in offsetting higher financing costs, especially when the Federal Reserve is expected to set interest rates below inflation in the next month.

Mexico and China have borne the brunt of isolationist fears. The Mexican peso has declined 11 per cent in the last two weeks, while the Chinese yuan has experienced is second-worst eight-day stretch.

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