KFH-Turkey wins award for Research and Development


Kuwait Finance House - Turkey (KFH-Turkey) won the prestigious award for the "Best R&D Center" in Banking and Finance at the Research and Development Centers Performance Index Award and Certification Ceremony.

Held in Ankara, the summit recognized the world's foremost pioneers and innovators in the R&D banking space.

The award was received by Mucahit Gundebahar, the Group Manager of KFH-Turkey Information Technologies, and marked the third consecutive time it presented to KFH-Turkey.

“Celebrating its 5th year, KFH-Turkey’s R’D Center continues its pioneering efforts in banking sector with its enriched staffing and improved infrastructure. Becoming our source of pride with consecutive prizes since its establishment, I feel great pleasure to see this award on the front window of our R&D Center for the third time. I cordially celebrate my colleagues for their team harmony, successful coordination and well-disciplined efforts. On this very occasion, I would also like to express my gratitude to local and overseas business partners for their hard-working and labor who have not spared any efforts bringing in this success," said Gundebahar.

Gundebahar also highlighted that the KFH-Turkey R&D Center operates under the highest international standards as well as the importance of harmony between technology and the KFH R&D vision to effectively raise participation banking.

KFH-Turkey was chosen from 272 R&D centers for the firm's high added value and advanced level of technology.

Founded in 1989, KFH-Turkey provides an interest-free banking system, investment research, high-quality and fast service to savings holders and businesspeople, and staff training to increase productivity. KFH-Turkey consistently brings the highest level of service and innovative technology to its customers and investors all over the world.

KFH-Turkey has an average growth rate of 35 per cent between 2009-2015, far outperforming traditional banks in the country. KFH-Turkey operates 380 branches in Turkey and abroad.

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